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Brand label Customized

Brand label Customized

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Brand label can be woven brand label or Printing brand label with or without wash instruction. Brand label requests minimum, it is just 1000 pieces per roll, so quantity can not be decrease. At least, we need do 1 roll label. We will keep balance for your next order. In this case, you do not need pay label cost when next order. Please send label file in PDF or HD JPG, then we can send you layout for approve.

Brand label can be simply white and black or colorful pattern, all based on your logo design. Based color, there have price difference. Please send requests to us to see how colorful label looks. Simply if your logo have 3 colors, that is colorful label.

  • Printing brand label - color black and white- USD35/roll
  • Printing brand label with instructions - color black and white- USD35/roll
  • Printing brand label - colorful- USD80/roll
  • Printing brand label with instructions - color colorful- USD80/roll
  • Woven brand label - USD35/roll
Stock care instruction label- Free (Please noted stock free care label mostly only for silk pillowcase, silk bonnet, silk pajamas. Put care label on Silk eye mask, silk scrunchies looks not ok.)
We know brand label cost is higher if order quantity small. so we have below suggests for you:
  • We supply free care label, you can only do brand label for all products.
  • We supply free care label, you can only do brand hang tag for all products. You can read hang tag listing to know Hangtag details.
  • If available, do black and white label to save cost.

How to order?

  • Please order the quantity you need, after order, please send color requests by whatsapp or online message or Email.
  • If there have special requests, please contact us, we will send price and make invoice, you only need check and approve.

Please click ' How to Order' to know details.

Why Order from us?

  • Premium quality fabric made of 100% Mulberry Silk for a luxurious, soft touch and lots of silk benefits for skin
    Wide range of Multi Colors to choose from that will never go out of style.
  • No minimum order quantity required when buying in wholesale, great for small businesses and start-ups.
  • Flexible customization options with low minimum order quantity, saving time and money on each order.

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Care Instructions

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  • Small Quantity Wholesale

    • All products 1 piece start wholesale, photo list of each products have stock colors sheet.
    • Wholesale price on each products page which is below 'add to cart'. If can not find, please reload page or click 'wholesale price' to know how to find wholesale price.
    • All price are MIX COLORS price, if per color per size products quantity large, please contact us to check BULK price.
    • If you don't have time to check products and price, click live chat whatspp or online message, we will send you all information.
    • Please check SHIPPING COST with us, and tell us your needs, then we give you best service.
  • Custom Brand

    • Custom Brand label, silk products No MOQ, you only need pay label cost.
    • Custom Brand hang tag, silk products No MOQ, you only need pay hang tag cost.
    • Custom Logo embroidery on silk products requests per color per style 50pieces.
    • Custom Pattern silk products requests MOQ, please send detailed requests, then we work out for you.

      For trial order, suggest you do brand label to save cost.

Please send requests