Satin Silk VS Vegan Silk VS Real Silk

From factory side, there doesn't have satin silk or Vegan silk. Factory only have 100% mulberry silk which called silk simply. Whatever satin silk or vegan silk, both are not real silk. Satin silk actually are polyester, satin is a kinds of woven fabric method. Satin polyester fabric surface also looks shiny. If you put silk and satin polyester together, you will find satin polyester shiny looks cheap. Vegan silk is bamboo or Tencel fabric. Bamboo and Tencel fabric, 1st fabric touch filling is cold feeling, its touch feeling like silk. But All silk fabric benefits are from silk fiber. so satin polyester or bamboo or Tencel fabric do not have silk benefits. Totally different. If you want test silk fabric, please click to get details